The Home Again Project

Short Sale Exchange Program


Helps homeowners who owe more than their house is worth to eliminate mortgage debt and "start over." 

Homeowners  who owe more than their house is worth can ”exchange" their current underwater property for a comparable house at a dramatically reduced price.  By doing this, owners get rid of negative equity and lock in a discounted purchase price on a similar property.  This program incorporates the (1) short sale of an existing property with a (2) rent to own for similar house. Participants transform their living situation by eliminating current mortgage debt and getting a fresh start with a rental that puts them on a path to homeownership. The process is simple:

  1. Short sale your property. We will manage the short sale of your house from start to finish. One of our investors will purchase your property for our rent to own program.
  2. Rent to Own a new property. Choose a property from one in our inventory and move in as a renter with the option to purchase at a guaranteed discount price in two or three years.  Less than perfect credit is not an obstacle to participation. The program was developed for people who need some time to rebuild their credit and qualify for a mortgage.


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