The Home Again Project makes affordable homeownership available to people who because of market conditions or personal circumstances may not qualify for a traditional mortgage.

  • Homeowners who currently are currently selling their house through a short sale have the opportunity to “start over” by choosing a new property or exchanging their current underwater property for a comparable house at a dramatically reduced price. Participants transform their living situation by eliminating/reducing current mortgage debt and getting a fresh start.


  • People who are working to improve their current financial situation and are not quite ready to purchase a home can move into their dream house as a rental with the option to purchase at a later date. Participants gain the flexibility of renting with the security of home ownership.


Security and predictability – Price and terms are guaranteed

Value – All properties are sold at under market value

Efficiency – By working together all parties save time and money

  • Rent to Owners - Pay monthly rent and have the option to purchase the house at a guaranteed discount price in 1-3 years.


  1. Complete the application and you will be autmatically registered with the program.
  2. When your registration is received you will be sent a credit application by email.
  3. Return the completed credit application.
  4. One of our managers will be contact you 5-7 days after your credit application is received.

* Please be aware that while the approval process is completed within 2 weeks, it typically takes 3-6 months to complete the entire process and move in to a rent to own property.

If you would like to qualify as a rent to owner please click on the registration link below.